Need a timer? Here you go.

Rawr timer is a site that lets you easily define timers.

See How

Why another online timer?

While searching the web for an interval timer for workouts I was not able to find many that supported irregular intervals. Most of them also just had too much features that only fill up screen space and did not focus on simplicity.

That is why I have built Rawr.

Early Stage

Rawr is still in a very early stage and there is a lot of work to do. However, the core of the application has been finished and provides the basic features for you to work with.

You can:
  • Define actions and assign durations
  • Execute your actions with the online countdown clock

You can use Rawr as a stopwatch, for your workouts, as a kitchen timer and much more.

Early user feedback is very important. That is why I would like to encourage you to try out the application. Take it for a spin and tell me what you think!

If you have a question or think something could be improved (anything), you can click the question icon on the bottom right to do so.

You can also send an e-mail to

Beating Complexity

Rawr is trying to make entry of your actions as simple and distraction-free as possible. I have created a great component that allows you to type in your action as free text, using natural language instead of selecting items from lists and switching different controls. It's as simple as that.

An image showing the action box

The action box used in Rawr